Vampire Chat

by David Morrison

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Recorded in 2013-15, in Kazakhstan, Texas, & Missouri, on a budget so tight you could bounce pennies off it.


released June 1, 2015

All songs written and performed by DM unless otherwise noted.



all rights reserved


David Morrison Fulton, Missouri

Lived in Austin, TX from 1985-2005 and played in lots of bands there. As a solo act, has opened for many national touring acts. Used to be known as Blanche. Ran Rat Palace Recording in Iowa 2008-2011. Currently residing in flyover country.

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Track Name: Ain't Goin' To Texas (Anymore)
Well the wind blows left
And the wind blows right
The coyotes howlin’
In the shank of the night
And all of that nothin'
Well it’s a hell of a sight

But I ain’t goin' to Texas anymore

I been to Dallas on a bike
I been to Houston on my legs
Saw the chemical flares
And drank Beaumont's dregs
Had a girl from Lemon
About hammered my sledge

And I ain’t goin' to Texas anymore

Now I know I ain’t cottoned
Onto half of what I should
But one thing I can tell you
Goin’ backwards
Goin’ backwards
Goin’ backwards ain’t no good

Well when you’re head’s so big
You can’t fit nothin' in
And then you reach for your gun
The first angel's sin
You wanna wrestle that gator?
Good luck, my friend

But I ain’t goin' to Texas anymore
Track Name: Bleed
When it's raining on the ocean
The sad goddess of ships
Is indulging her emotions
And ironing her slips

When she's cranky
You won't find me
In her apartment
In the sky

I feel awkward on the sofa
Of an immortal when she cries

O'er the waters so vast
They bleed into the past

Nail her likeness to your mast
Lest this trip be your last one

Unfortunate son

When it’s sunny
On the waters
And the black blood shines
And the sharks and heir brothers
Are busy in the brine

You won’t find her any longer
She’s taking a a nap

Just the eggs of giant seabirds
Landing in your lap

But your life moves s fast
Can’t keep track of the cast

And the sun in your eyes
Has you half hypnotized, dad

It isn’t half bad
Track Name: Silver Dagger
Don't sing love songs; you'll wake my mother
She's sleeping here, right by my side
And in her right hand, a silver dagger
She says that I can't be your bride.

All men are false, says my mother
They'll tell you wicked, lovin' lies
The very next night, they'll court another
Leave you alone to pine and sigh.

My father was a handsome sailor
He had a chain five fathoms long
On every link another maiden
That he had loved and done her wrong

Go court another tender maiden
And hope that she may be your wife
For I've been warned and I've decided
To sleep alone all of my life.