The Elegant Gesture Of The Drowned (With Bob Bucko, Jr​.​)

by David Morrison

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Recorded at Rat Palace Recording, Dubuque, Iowa, 2011-12.


released August 2, 2012

Bob Bucko, Jr., guitar, bass.
David Morrison, vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keys, percussion.
Jonathan Lance Eagle, drums.
The Right Reverend Ralph Heartily, bass.



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David Morrison Fulton, Missouri

Lived in Austin, TX from 1985-2005 and played in lots of bands there. As a solo act, has opened for many national touring acts. Used to be known as Blanche. Ran Rat Palace Recording in Iowa 2008-2011. Currently residing in flyover country.

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Track Name: Barbarians at the Gate
Fashions come and go
The classics never die
Your children steal your clothes
Here's mud in your eye

The hell with all your books
Weighty and obscure
All your precious learning
Will not bar the door
Take this Roman candle
Go down to the street
It's been enough time in your head
Try living on your feet

Barbarians at the gate are singing
See all the colorful gifts they bring
Go outside and meet the new mutations
Maybe we'll live to see the spring

Throw your letters on the fire
Flame has power to inspire
Say goodbye to all of that
Behold our friend the humble rat
Digging up the future
Track Name: No Way
No, no way
Can I accept my place
Or face the simplest fact
We’re crushed beneath the weight of an angry...

No, no way
Can I escape my fate
To wear this dunce's cap
And ruminate on every miserable...

No, no way
Can I escape this place
This plot of land I claim
Will lead me on to halcyon...

From the strain
You can’t rescue all the little
That remain
In the wake
Of a world that’s come un...

No, no way
Can I reduce the weight
Of the thing that beat us back
We’re crushed beneath his feet
Track Name: Leavings
Down in the underbrush
Thrashing a speckled thrush
I found a doctor's kit
It had your name on it
But it was painted black
Well, do you want it back?

What were you stitching up?
What are trying to hide?
Check out this coffee cup
There's something strange inside
Don't know if this is yours
Let's take it out of doors

The things we leave behind
They're bothering me
There's too many of them
They don't go together
They'll last forever
The plastic, the leather
In all kinds of weather
I think we should pick up after ourselves
A little bit better

There's no deceiving
Track Name: On the Spot
Hey, little one
Have you walked so far
Just to see your shadow growing stronger?

Hey, liitle child
From a distant star
Can you feel the others calling
Far away, "Come go with me?"

You're free, go everywhere.
Climb the highest stair, why not?
It won't last long, I promise you,
Whatever I say, you will remember this day.

Here's a book of days;
Cross them out in your own way.
Let the colors bleed,
Don't try to stamp them out.

Stand on the spot.
What is left must be right.
Choose among the statuary
Soaking up the swollen night.

You're free, go everywhere.
Come and take your share, why not?
You won't get far, I promise you.
It's right to try.
Scratch away the sky.

We'll take your money in the meanwhile.
Track Name: Ozymandias
Ozymandias can I buy you a drink
I used to think you were imaginary
And here you are the missing link

Gosh, it's terrible how the days drag on
Must be torture in this field of flowers
Now that all your slaves are gone

Nevertheless carry on

The mob has vanished like a puff of wind
Your priests were banished and they killed your friends
Don't let me stop you go on speak your piece
To this gathering of geese

Oh the pretty face of the ruthless beast
Tell me you lost it when she threw you over
Or stumbled slightly at the least
Interlopers from the East

I hear your story and it gives me hope
You should be dangling from a golden rope
paint me a picture, must have been a close shave
Don't take it all to your grave
Track Name: Just Got Here
Love me like the shadows
Of the falling leaves
Wipe away the memory
Grant me a reprieve
I know I just got here
Yeah, but I can't wait to leave
Why dig in your heels?
It only makes you grieve
Track Name: End Over End
Go spinnering up
The barber pole
But the life of the day
Dulls the will of the soul

Got a dog in the fight
Got some ink in the well
Got sold so far
Got told so well

Throw a log on the fire
In the back of the draw
But the losing hand
Of the wild outside

Hid the fob of a watch
In the clutch of a crow
Outside of the reach
Of the tongue
Of the tide

End over end
End over end
We're Tumbling
End over end
End over end
We roll
Track Name: The Shallows
Up above the angels sleep without dreaming
Up above the treetops whisper and sigh
Up above jets of silver are screaming
Up above the sun burns a hole in the sky

Down here roots grope blindly for moisture
Down here shadows pool on the ground
Down here we dig in the shallows for oysters
Down here the heat swallows up every sound

You climb the rusty fire escape
To the top of the old bank buuilding
And you stretch out your arms
As though you could clutch the blue
In your greedy fingers
Like a kite tugging on a string
Or a dog straining its leash
There's the sky above and the earth below
And in between there's only you

After the rain
The street awakens
For a while
Track Name: Cliffhanger
You know you can't get in without me
Cause I've got the money and i've got the key
You're gonna have to talk to me like it or not
Cause I'm the only one that can help you
Mr. Big Shot

If your papers are all in order
I assume you were injected at the border
You see we won't have just anyone
Coming here and spoiling all the fun

These are my things
And this is where they go
And this is what I do
In case anyone wants to know

And these are my memories
And this is my crime
And this is my alibi
It works every time

The calendar fans dust & tears
It sweeps away the thousand years

I've got the money & I've got the key
I've got the money & I've got the key
I've got the money
You talk to me
Track Name: Velvet Overcoat
Take back this looking glass
Fold up your paper money
Give in
Give up
The ghost

Hey, I want that velvet jacket

Scream and cry
And claw me if you need to
Babe just don't give nme
That thousand yard stare

Take my suggestions
I'm not going to use them
Or don't do anything
I don't need to know

I had this dream
It got caught in my hair
Maybe I'll lose it
When you finally go

Hey now my head is filled
With smoke and ashes
Come on
Come on
Come on
Come down

Come back
Come back
I'm freezing in your shadow
Give me anything
So I can let go
Track Name: We'll Wait
It's cold outside
Hey come on in
It's cold outside
Hey stop on in

We got dinner to feed you
We got fire to burn
We got good company
And everything in turn

Why don't you stay?
There's room for you
Don't drift away
What you got better to do?

We got people to greet you
We got songs to sing
We're all dying to meet you
You don't need a thing

And we'll wait for you
We'll wait for you
And we'll wait for you
Ai lai duh dah
Ai lai luh lah

It's so simple
Just step sideways
Grasp the handle
And put down that knife